Traumatic Brain Injury Care

Our traumatic brain injury home care includes the assistance and care of compassionate and knowledgeable home health aides. At Infinity Healthcare Services, we offer the best in traumatic brain injury care. If your friend, family member, or loved one has experienced a traumatic brain injury, you are probably feeling a range of emotions while wondering what treatment options are available. According to the CDC, about 1.5 million people in the US alone sustain traumatic brain injuries each year. Most mild traumatic brain injuries require plenty of rest, medication, and close monitoring of symptoms, which is performed by a trained home health aide.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Home Care

It’s important to find the right traumatic brain injury home care for your loved one. That’s why we have built a comprehensive program designed strategically to assist any of our clients if they ever sustain a traumatic brain injury. We have trained our home health aides on the very essentials of traumatic brain injury care, which they implement during their in-home health visits. We know how imperative it is that your family member receives the sufficient amount of care he or she needs during this difficult time in order to successfully recover and heal.

Traumatic Brain Injury Care

According to the CDC, there were approximately 2.5 million emergency room visits in 2014 in the US alone for traumatic brain injuries. This is one of the many reasons why we have dedicated our efforts to providing the best in traumatic brain injury care. Our home health aides understand the essentials of TBI care inside and out in order to assist every client with the attention to detail, kindness, and compassion that he or she requires for a smooth recovery. To get started, please call Infinity Healthcare Services at 267-799-8846.

Traumatic Brain Injury Home Care

You can expect to receive the most considerate and professional traumatic brain injury home care with the help of our dedicated home health aides. We encourage our clients to get plenty of rest as we take care of their common household responsibilities, such as laundry, food preparation, light cleaning, and medication reminders. By hiring a home health aide, you can receive help with all of these things and take the burden off of yourself while you recover.

Traumatic Brain Injury Care

At Infinity Healthcare Services, we understand that not even brain injury is the same. We also understand that not every client is the same. This is why we develop a customized care plan for traumatic brain injury that is unique to his or her individual needs. Each traumatic brain injury has its own story, which we address, assess, and analyze. To get the most out of our healthcare services, we now offer free virtual consultations with our caregivers to ensure that you are confident in your decision.

Traumatic Brain Injury Long Term Care

The length of care for traumatic brain injury varies depending on the client. That’s why we offer traumatic brain injury long term care for clients who need a home health aide for a longer period of time. With our traumatic brain injury home care, your loved one will receive the attention that he or she needs in order to recover and heal. Traumatic brain injuries are commonly caused by falling, being struck with an object, and vehicle crashes. Traumatic brain injury occurs more often in clients who are 75 years of age or older. Please call 267-799-8846 today to discuss the needs of your loved one who has experienced a traumatic brain injury.

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