Frequently Asked Questions, answered!

How do you recruit your caregivers and what are their requirements?
Infinity Health Care Services hires only experienced caregivers and offers ongoing training to keep them up to date on the latest techniques.
What type of screening and background checks do you perform?
You want to always make sure that your agency runs a thorough background check through a legitimate and verified database. Infinity HCS performs thorough background checks alo
Are you insured, bonded and meet all state regulations?
Infinity Health Care Services, LLC is insured, bonded and licensed through the state of Pennsylvania.
What policies are in place for providing a substitute in the event of an emergency which the primary caregiver is unavailable?
Infinity HCS has policies put in place so that clients are never left without the proper care they need.
How does the agency monitor the level of care given in the home?
Infinity HCS monitors services provided via phone, and onsite visits by the CEO, COO and nurses (RN, LPN) one to two times a week to ensure the best level of care.
Are you able to meet the caregiver before signing on?
Having a stranger in your home with a loved one when you are not there is hard enough. Infinity HCS allows family members to meet with the potential caregiver before services begin.
What hours do the caregiver work?
Most agencies have a limit to the hours of service that can be provided. Most home care agencies do not offer one hour services. At Infinity HCS, we offer hourly care, one hour care, overnight care, live in care, and respite in-home care services.
What are your cancellation policies?
There might be a need to cancel a service for whatever the reason. You need to find out with your agency what their cancellation policies are. We allow clients to cancel their companion care service at any time they wish. All we ask is for is a 1 day notice. Clients are also welcome to return at any time they wish.
I have concerns after hours, what happens now?
Infinity HCS has 24 hour on call service where someone can be reached at all times.
What are your rates?
Some agencies charge hourly rates, while others have service packages. You’ll have to find an agency whose services and charges fit your family’s budget. Usually the more home care you purchase the better the hourly rate. Remember, the old saying you get what you pay for. It’s not so much about how much you pay, it’s about the quality of service compared to what it costs. At Infinity HCS we know how costly in-home care can be. We always keep our prices competitive when compared to other local agencies. We work with families during our FREE in home care assessment to determine which type of home care is right for you and your budget.
What types of programs and funding do you have?
Some agencies have special programs that can help fund home care. Find out if your potential agency offers any type of funds/programs. We partner with the AVCC (American Veterans Care Connection) to provide home care services for veterans and their surviving spouse based on eligibility through obtained funds. InfinityHCS offers attendant care waiver, Act 150 program, COMMCARE waiver Independence waiver, OBRA through our medicaid waiver program.