In-Home Care vs Nursing Homes

What To Do?

There will come a time where we will all be faced with the decision of what type of care to provide for our loved ones as they age. As individuals age, a new level of care becomes necessary. Individuals who, at one point, were very independent can require assistance after the onset of an illness or just the natural process of aging. As these changes take place, the question that is often asked is, should the individual age in a nursing home or can he or she age at home? While nursing homes offer our seniors safe solutions with respect to medical needs, aging at home may be the better solution. To determine which is best for you, there are a couple of things to think about, including your loved one’s daily living activities, his or her health, time, and financial situation, to name a few.

A survey by AARP showed that nine out of ten seniors have expressed the desire to remain in their homes. Why is that? It is likely due to the fact that they are attached to their homes, as well as they want to be close to their friends, family, and neighbors. Aging at home provides the type of comfort that they might not be able to find in a traditional nursing home. They are in familiar surroundings and do not have to leave behind all the memories.

Another study found that individuals who received in-home care visited the doctor 25% less than those who did not receive in-home care. Those with Alzheimers or dementia made 50% fewer trips to the doctor.

Comparing the Benefits and Costs of In-Home Care

In-Home Care

 Less expensive
 Develop a sense of independence for loved one
 Increased flexibility in your schedule
 Peace of providing the one-on-one care your loved one needs
 Only pay for the services you need
 Offers a more personal relationship with a caregiver
 Clients are in the comfort and privacy of their own home
 Home healthcare promotes the healing process
 Services are customized to your loved one’s needs
 In-home care provides more freedom and independence
 Caregivers provide homecooked meals based on client preference
 Studies show that in-home care helps seniors live longer

Nursing Homes

   Are more expensive compared to in-home care
   Provide fewer opportunities for independence
   Not as much privacy as in-home care
   Require a transition period to become comfortable
   Can be noisy and restrictive
   Have more rules and regulations compared to living at home
   A quality nursing home can be far from family
   Higher potential for poor treatment and neglect
   Downsizing is usually required
   Lack of flexibility
   Social concerns, such as incompatibility with other seniors
   Depression can occur from witnessing other patients decline

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