Our Team

Learn more about our staff and heroes who take care to the next level.

About Us

When we first transformed our life’s dream into a reality, our passion had to be reflected in every aspect of this venture. Starting with the name, our choice was Infinity. It represents the never-ending quality of home health care that we will always strive to provide to our clients and their families. Infinity Healthcare Services is a never-ending source to find the best caregivers in the area.

Our Mission Statement

Is to provide care that is never-ending. We strive to give each individual that is in our care a safe and peaceful life. Each member of our staff embodies our true belief; that everyone one of our clients is treated with respect and dignity.

Our Oldest Client

Morty F.
Our eldest client here at infinity, showing his goofy and fun personality!

Office Staff


Employee of the Month

Valentina Martin
Valentina Martin has been with the company for almost two years and has consistently earned the title of employee of the month since she joined the company. Valentina is always on time, never calls out, and she is always in uniform. She updates the office on any changes to her client. Her clients state she is irreplaceable. We congratulate her for being such a unique star.

Employee of the Year

Matilda Kaledzi

Matilda Kaledzi has been in the medical field for over 20 years. Her years of experience and knowledge in the field of caregiving have been a blessing to us as a company. Matilda started with Infinity HCS in 2018 and cared for her client who suffered a stroke. We must brag that Matilda is still with the same client. We enjoy Matilda’s daily visits to our Morrisville location when she passes by to greet us and to share her adventures and the love she has with her clients. We honor her as the employee of the year because every client that she has ever had contact with has called and asked that we send her back whenever coverage was needed. She is always in uniform, never called out of work, goes above and beyond for her clients, and whenever there is a call-out when we are in a crunch, you can bet Matilda is willing to help. Her consistent acts of kindness and her passion will never be overlooked. Thank you for seeing the Infinity vision and mission, Matilda!

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While we have done our best to provide you with a comprehensive look at the services we offer, we understand that you may have questions left unanswered. We encourage you to contact us with any and all questions you may have regarding our services, our caregivers, or anything else that comes to mind.