The Staff we hire

Infinity Healthcare Services, LLC has ideal standards for the employees we hire. Each potential employee undergoes a thorough screening prior to being offered a position with us. Our screening process starts from the first conversation we have with the potential employee. Applicants go through behavioral and values testing that evaluates their honesty, compassion, work ethic, and compatibility to name just a few. Each applicant must pass both written and skilled competency testing and successfully go through a thorough Background Screening, in which their work history is evaluated then verified and drug testing performed. A physical and negative Mantoux test is also required. We feel very comfortable and confident that you will be impressed with our employees. We’re so sure, we guarantee it!

How We Protect You

Each of our employees is covered with Worker’s Compensation Insurance, so there is no liability for you or your family if an employee should be injured while in your home or providing home care services to you. Each employee is bonded for $25,000.00.

Infinity Healthcare Services, LLC pays all employer-related taxes for each of our staff. There is no client responsibility for any of these fees. Each employee receives a W2 at the end of each calendar year. Un-Owned Auto Insurance is also included free of charge by Infinity Healthcare Services, LLC. (In the event of an accident, this coverage would be additional coverage above and beyond the employee’s automobile insurance).

Infinity Healthcare Services, LLC carries General and Professional Liability Insurance in the amounts of $1,000,000 / $3,000,000. Our caregivers are insured and bonded.

Supervision of Staff and progress Reporting

There is never a fee for this service. The plan of care can be adjusted at this time if necessary. Client progress reports are produced monthly by Infinity Healthcare Services, LLC and are sent to the family members/guardians/POA’s as directed by the client.

Cost of Services

Infinity Healthcare Services, LLC recently completed a survey of local home care agency fees. When comparing service rates, we found that we are competitive with other agencies in the area. However, the survey also revealed that we pay our patient care staff extremely well. We acknowledge that our employees are the heart of our business, and we hire and retain only the best!