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We offer senior care to those who need home care Bucks County PA. We also provide home health care to patients who prefer to recover at home while receiving vital medical treatment in the comfort of their home. Often times, people confuse Bucks County home care with home health care. They are often thought to be the same exact service, and many people use both terms interchangeably. However, home care and home health care are distinct variations of care, which we provide at your home. The most notable difference between the two is that one is clinical and the other is not.

Home Health Care Bucks County PA

Home Care Bucks County PA

Bucks County home care is non-clinical and is provided by caregivers who are traditionally called service providers or home care aides. These care providers are trained to understand seniors or patients and to offer them appropriate care. Home care agencies in Bucks County PA provide the means for connecting you with caregivers. In general, home care providers aid elderly or disabled adults with daily life activities and/or offer companionship. Our staff of caregivers are ready to come meet you and see if you are a good fit for each other.

Home Health Care Bucks County PA

Home health care agencies in Bucks County PA help patients transition back in to independence following a hospital or skilled nursing facility stay, and to monitor the physical well-being of patients who have had recent changes in medication, so that side effects and drug efficacy are monitored. Home health care is considered a medical necessity, and is therefore viewed as medical care, which is covered by Medicare and Medicaid, as well as by most medical insurance plans. Depending on where you live in Bucks County, we offer home care Doylestown PA. Our staff comes right to your home, so it’s very convenient for you!

Home Health Care Bucks County PA
Home Care Agencies in Buck County pA

Top Home Care Agencies in Bucks County PA

We provide high-quality home care, and we’re proud of it. When a senior needs home care Bucks County PA, we find the best staff suited to their needs. In addition to home care, we also provide the same services as other health aide agencies that employ occupational therapists, physical therapists, registered nurses, and other licensed medically-skilled professionals to provide clinical medical care. Doctors usually prescribe home health care, as part of the discharge plan following a stay in the hospital.

Home health care services
offered to patients include:

>   Elder Care
>   Medical and blood tests
>   Administration of medications
>   Therapy
>   Monitoring health status
Home Care,Bucks County
Senior Care Bucks County

Our Best Bucks County Home Care and Health Care

Home care and home health care Bucks County PA are very important services. We have many patients or individuals who use both types of services. As these services aren’t mutually exclusive, many people use both service sectors in tandem. Most commonly, these services are used together when an individual is recovering after hospitalization. Home health care providers address all the clinical and rehabilitative necessities of the patient: while, home care providers assist with personal needs such as showering, grooming, meal preparation, feeding, and additional household chores and tasks that require help while the patient is recovering.

Home Care in Bucks County PA

Bucks County Home Care

We offer home care Bucks County PA to help disabled adults and the elderly. These services are typically for those who might need assistance with daily life activities such as meal preparation, medication dispensing, and grooming. We also help those who need transportation, and those who would just like some companionship. Home care is not viewed as a medical necessity, so patients or their families will have to pay for the services or use long-term care insurance. Low-income seniors may qualify for partial or total payment for home care services.

Home care services offered to clients include, but are not limited to:

>   Administration of medications
>   Help bathing, grooming, and dressing
>   Transportation
>   Meal preparation
>   Grocery shopping
Bucks County Home Care
Healthcare Service Areas
At Infinity Healthcare Services, our caregivers will travel to multiple locations in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We serve Morrisville PA, Bucks County PA, Newtown PA, Philadelphia PA, Doylestown PA, Montgomery County PA, Levittown PA, Princeton, NJ, and more.
Bucks County Home Health Care
Are you looking for homecare Bucks County Pa? Infinity Healthcare Services, LLC is here to provide you with the personal relationship you’re looking for. Each employee is hand-selected and thoroughly screened for care and empathy as well as skill and expertise. As care experts it’s important that we treat each other as well as you and your loved ones like family. Infinity Healthcare Services, LLC is here for your top quality healthcare needs in Bucks County PA!  

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Morrisville Home Health Care
We provide excellent home care Morrisville PA! For an aging individual who needs living assistance, health and comfort are of greatest importance. Spending your years in your own home can reduce doctor’s visits, maintain old friendships and improve happiness. We know the care you have for your loved one – we will show them the empathy and friendship they need. For a team in Morrisville PA that understands and is willing to act on your needs, look no further.

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Yardley PA Home Care
For home care Yardley PA, Infinity Healthcare Services, LLC will take the best care of you or your loved one. With our Homemaker/Companion service, clients with less rigorous needs can take advantage of light assistance around the house. For example, we offer transportation, meal planning and preparation, medication reminders, and even some light housekeeping. Help with writing and companionship, such as playing games and accompanying on walks, can keep the mind sharp. In Yardley PA, Infinity Healthcare Services, LLC is the number one choice!

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Home Care Bucks County PA
We know home care in Bucks County PA inside and out. Whether it’s skilled care, elderly care, travel assistance, veteran assistance, or hospital discharge assistance, we will be there. We also specialize in respite care, alzheimer and dementia care, and post-surgery care. Infinity Healthcare Services, LLC is the best and most well-connected resource for Bucks County home health care. For questions, comments, or to set up an appointment, give us a call today!

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