• Infinity home health care is excellent. Iam a physician and rate Infinity as the top provider of home health care. They provide expert nursing with a detailed plan of care and tend to the needs of my elderly parents, My mom has multiple physical ailments as does dad , and Infinity helps both their daily needs and provides company , distraction, laughs , and good solid nursing and friendship. I recommend without hesitation the Infinity Group

    Doctor Steve, F

    Doctor Steve, F Client -
  • I am a current client of this provider
    My mother lived with us for 12 years and then became disabled to a bed bound state. We had tried nursing homes, which ended up being a nightmare with additional hidden costs on top of an astronomical monthly charge. To cap it off, the care was mediocre.
    We set up my mom in an apartment and planned to use an aid service. All the different agencies sounded nice and professional, but only one ended up being the star of the show – Infinity Healthcare Services LLC. I cannot say enough kind words about their caring service.
    The first initial Aid service we tried let us down in the second week by calling us 30 minutes before the time scheduled to let us know they were not going to be able to cover us. We have used Infinity Healthcare Services now for 5 months now and that has never happened. They have always been there for us.
    There service goes beyond the norm. The owner calls us to check in and make sure everything is perfect. They try and send the same aid, that works the best with my mother, so that she doesn’t feel disoriented. Every detail is monitored.
    The aids themselves are kind and get the job done. This can’t be an easy job at times, but never an unkind word is spoken and they sometimes do more than expected.
    We are so happy that my mother has such great care. Thank you so much to Infinity Healthcare’s owners, office staff and aids. We can live our own lives stress-free knowing that she is in great hands.
    Much appreciation and wishing continued success, Gail and Gary F.

    Gail and Gary F. Client -
  • Infinity has been there for me since the first phone call.  I needed some help, FAST, and someone was meeting with me within an hour.  Infinity provided a caregiver that same evening, so my Mother could return to her home from the hospital, and have the comfort and assistance she needed.  Our live-in caregiver is so kind and patient with my Mother’s memory challenges and her difficulty moving around the house and locating things she needs.  My family feels assured and confident that our Mother can thrive in her own home in complete comfort and safety. I highly recommend Infinity for their prompt attention to our needs, and their assurances and guidance as we all learn how to live with the difficulties of caring for an aging family member.
    Monica B. Client -
  • “I called at 9 pm on a Saturday evening, expecting an answering service and that someone would get back to me on Monday. To my surprise, Gloria picked up the phone! She spent almost an hour on the phone with me. She listened to my concerns and needs. The next morning she came to my home to do an assessment for my mother. Everyone who offers a service can pick up the phone during normal business hours and be helpful, pleasant and understanding but Infinity does that and SO much more”!
    Anna M. -
  • “I was becoming concerned when I would visit my mother every couple of days and find her wearing the same clothes. I saw Infinity’s Rise and Shine/Tuck-In Services and called. An aide now visits my mother in the evening before bed and helps her to change into her pajamas and then again in the morning the aid gets her ready for the day”.
    Thomas R. -