Testimony by Doctor Steve, F

Infinity home health care is excellent. I am a physician and rate Infinity as the top provider of home health care. They provide expert nursing with a detailed plan of care and tend to the needs of my elderly parents, My mom has multiple physical ailments as does dad, and Infinity helps both their daily needs and provides company, distraction, laughs, and good solid nursing and friendship. I recommend without hesitation the Infinity Group.

Testimony by Gail and Gary f.

Their service goes beyond the norm. The owner calls us to check in and make sure everything is perfect. They try and send the same aid, that works the best with my mother, so that she doesn’t feel disoriented. Every detail is monitored. The aids themselves are kind and get the job done. This can’t be an easy job at times, but never an unkind word is spoken and they sometimes do more than expected. We are so happy that my mother has such great care. Thank you so much to Infinity Healthcare’s owners, office staff and aids. We can live our own lives stress-free knowing that she is in great hands.

Supervision of Staff and progress Reporting

There is never a fee for this service. The plan of care can be adjusted at this time if necessary. Client progress reports are produced monthly by Infinity Healthcare Services, LLC and are sent to the family members/guardians/POA’s as directed by the client.

Cost of Services

Infinity Healthcare Services, LLC recently completed a survey of local home care agency fees. When comparing service rates, we found that we are competitive with other agencies in the area. However, the survey also revealed that we pay our patient care staff extremely well. We acknowledge that our employees are the heart of our business, and we hire and retain only the best!