The Director of Nursing and School Instructor

Linda McAndrew, BSN, AKA: Oh Great Cool One, is the Director of Nursing at Infinity Healthcare Services. Linda has been an RN for over 40 years working in many specialty areas including Perinatology, Antenatal Testing, Obstetrical Home Care, Gerontology, and Home Care. Linda received her diploma in professional nursing from Abington Hospital School of Nursing and her undergraduate degree in Nursing and Business from Philadelphia University.

Linda attended Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and now attends The University of Aspen where she is pursuing her MSN in Nursing Administration. In addition to her position as Director at Infinity, Linda is also the instructor for the NJ approved CHHA program offered by Infinity Health Care Services and is a certified Red Cross Instructor.

In addition to her many professional associations, Linda has written several published articles including, “The Development of a Maternal Fetal Intensive Care Unit,” (JOGN). Recently, she has published public interest articles in the magazine, “Ask the Doctor.” The articles included:” The Importance of Getting a Flu Shot” and “Presents or Presence.” Linda resides in Blue Bell, PA with her son, Timothy, and her 2 dogs, Nick and Axl Rose.