How we were inspired to help you and others.

elder woman and caregiver holding handsWhen we first transformed our life’s dream into a reality, our passion had to be reflected in every aspect of this venture.

Starting with the name, our choice was Infinity. It represents the never-ending quality of home health care that we will always strive to provide to our clients and their families.

Next, we wanted a logo that we felt embodied our true belief; that every one of our clients will be treated with gentle tenderness, respect and yet allowing the freedom to have as much dignity.

The dove in the hand: Represents protection softness and perfection. The gentleness of such a bird represents each client and their loving soul and the love they will receive, while the hands represent our caregivers the peace and the love that we render.

Lastly, the color hues of our logo, we chose purples and blues. Purple once used only by royalty, was chosen due to our goal of making our clients feel special and loved. Blue is the tranquility, and peace, we hope to bring into your home. Seeing our clients recover and doing better as a result of what we do remind us of why we choose to serve. It’s the Infinity way. Exceptional skills, Extraordinary care.

Gloria and Mark Hunter,
Owners of Infinity Healthcare Service, LLC